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Filed under: Minilift,Neck & Jowls — Tags: , , , , — Dr. Andrew Campbell

In experienced hands, jowl liposuction has very little risk; however, in inexperienced hands, jowl liposuction can cause irregularities or depressions that would be extremely difficult to correct. When performing jowl liposuction, one has to be very judicious regarding the amount of fat that is removed and one has to feather the fat removal along the edges of the proposed fullness to prevent any sort of a visual depression. There is very little risk to any sort of injury to major blood vessels or nerves as long as the liposuction is performed in the appropriate level, which is just below the skin. I find that many patients that feel they are a good candidate for jowl liposuction really are not as the majority of the jowl is not due to subcutaneous fat, but due to laxity of the midfacial structures over time. These patients obviously would benefit from a more surgical approach such as a minilift or extended SMAS deep plane facelift for adequate correction of this concern.

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