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Filed under: Botox / Dysport — Dr. Andrew Campbell

Question: What are some of the risks associated with getting either Botox or Dysport?

Answer: In essence, there are 3 things that can happen with the use of Botox or Dysport. One, is the injection is placed in an area where there is no muscle and therefore there is really no effectiveness to the treatment. The second is that it can be placed into the muscle that we desire to relax and they can get an excellent result. The third is that some of the Botox or Dysport can either be injected into or leach into a surrounding muscle, which is not intended to be relaxed and this can therefore give a side effect, such as a droopy eyelid. Otherwise, there is some remote risks of injection site irritations and bruising, but overall in well experienced hands, both Botox and Dysport have an extremely small risk of any sort of complication.

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