I have had a few microdermabrasions performed in the past and like the temporary improvement in my skin. It has been recommended that I consider a TCA and Jessner peel. Is this something that you would recommend?

No, I personally do not recommend Jessner TCA peels any longer as technology has improved to the point where these sorts of historical chemical peels really are completely unnecessary. If the Jessner TCA peel is intended to improve the pigmentation of the skin, then I would personally recommend BBL or broadband light as we can […]

How can I remove a scar on my nose that occurred from a chemical burn?

First of all, it is truly impossible to remove a scar no matter where it is on the face. What we can do is make a scar that is quite visible become quite inconspicuous by various modalities. If the scar is quite depressed and is in a location that can be easily resected, the scar […]