Vanquish – A Body Contouring Breakthrough!

When diet and exercise are not enough to give you the body you have always wanted, consider our new non-invasive body contouring breakthrough, Vanquish. Vanquish is a revolutionary fat reduction technology that uses multipolar radio frequency to heat unwanted fat painlessly. The heat destroys the fat, causing a permanent improvement in the treatment area. In 4 weekly sessions, approximately 60% of the fat in the area is destroyed. Unlike other fat reducing devices, Vanquish can treat large areas of the body in a single, 30 minute session. Also, Vanquish is completely painless! As one of the first physicians in the country to receive the device, Dr. Campbell is currently the exclusive provider in Wisconsin.

Vanquish Treatment and Recovery

During the procedure, the Vanquish device is placed over the body without actually touching it. Sensors in the panel accurately calculate the absorption of the radio energy by the patient’s fat cells allowing for the provider to tune the device to maximize the treatment. The underlying fat reaches 120 degrees while leaving the skin at a comfortable 101 degrees. A warm sensation overcomes the patient as the high temperature initiates fat cell death, also known as apoptosis. Clients are encouraged to drink plenty of water after the treatment to help “flush” the fat out of the area. After four 30-minute sessions, studies by BTL Aesthetics, the makers of Vanquish, have shown that 59% of the fat in the treated area is destroyed. Vanquish requires no downtime and patients are free to return to their daily routines immediately after the treatment.

At Quintessa Medical Spa, we also offer the Exilis Elite. It uses similar technology to the Vanquish and is also made by BTL aesthetics, but it uses a small hand held applicator. We frequently use the Exilis Elite to tighten the skin immediately after a Vanquish treatment. We also use it to further sculpt and define problem areas since it can be highly customized and used on virtually any area of the body or face. The combination of the Vanquish device and the Exilis Elite is the ultimate in body contouring technology currently available.

Following the procedure, mild redness or swelling may be present. These side effects are temporary and will subside quickly. Results can take 1 to 2 months to become noticeable. Four to six weekly treatment sessions are recommended to fully acquire the benefits of Vanquish.

Those with pacemakers, defibrillators, cochlear implants, or any other metal implants (spinal, hip, knee, metal stents, etc.) can NOT get a Vanquish treatment. Those with dental implants are fine.

Benefits of Vanquish

Vanquish Laser Procedure

One of the greatest benefits of Vanquish is the ability to treat large areas of the body during short sessions that cause absolutely no discomfort. Another advantage is the lack of downtime. Patients may return to their normal routine immediately following the procedure. For patients who are not interested in invasive surgeries, such as liposuction, Vanquish is an effective alternative with minimal risk. Each session is customized to produce optimal outcomes.

Vanquish FAQs

What is Vanquish?

Vanquish is a state-of-the-art fat reduction technology that utilizes multipolar radio frequency to heat and destroy unwanted fat cells. The non-invasive procedure is praised as a highly effective, pain-free, low-risk, no downtime method of fat reduction.

Is Vanquish painful?

Vanquish is not painful. Most patients describe the sensation as warmth that overcomes the targeted area. No anesthesia is used during the procedure.

How much downtime follows Vanquish treatment?

No downtime is needed after a Vanquish appointment. Patients may return to work and other normal routines immediately afterwards.

Can I do anything to maximize the outcome of a Vanquish treatment?

Hydration is key to maximizing the effect of a Vanquish treatment. It is recommended that patients show up for the treatment well hydrated, then drink 3 liters of water a day for 3 days in a row following each treatment. This will help “flush” the destroyed fat from the treatment area.


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